Fishing Spots along Bornholm’s East Coast

Spot Guide to Three Good Fishing Spots on Eastern Bornholm

Bjarke Borup

Fishing guide, sea trout, sea-run brown-trout

Near the city of Snogebæk, at the end of Hovedgaden (The main street), you’ll find three good fishing spots within reasonable distance of each other.


Vendepladsen comes with a great view of the ocean, with Balka strand (Balka Beach) to your left and Snogebæk havn (Snogebæk Harbour) to your right. Very few people fish to the left – but to the right, the bottom features and conditions are perfect for trout. You’ll need waders to fish the stretch effectively, but you can start fishing immediately – and with light tackle, because even though the first 10 – 15 meters out are fairly shallow, the seatrout are often foraging here.

The reef you’ll find at Vendepladsen consists of a sand-stone basis with bladderwracks and sand bars. Out on the reef, where the water drops off, the waves break. This is a great place to concentrate on as you can fish in all directions from here – and it’s important to do so.

During spring and fall, with an attentive eye, don’t be surprised to catch a glimpse of seatrout breaking the surface as they hunt for sandeel, gammarus, and shrimp: Food items that can be plentiful here. If you fail to hook up with fish on the reef, don’t fret. Slowly move to the right and fish your way towards Snogebæk Havn where the fish sometimes school up.


Salthammer is a reef that stretches pretty far into the ocean past the outer pier to the left of Snogebæk Harbour. When the sea is rough, waves crash into each other across the reef, and seatrout can be found hunting in the currents generated here.

A good place to start is the channel you’ll find before stepping onto the reef itself. It is about two meters wide and 1,5 meters deep (at normal water levels), and if you haven’t fished the reef before, it’s a good idea to bring along a wading staff for safe wading. The reef itself is between 3 and 6 meters wide. On your left, the depth drops off to about 2,5 – 3 meters and the drop-off is pretty dramatic. On your right-hand side, the drop-off is more gradual, and the depth doesn’t exceed 2 meters. Fish both sides of the reef with great care and attention.


Bøjerenden is a reef of fine-grained sandstone, which is considered a kind of green slate. Rooted in the middle of a sandy beach, the reef protrudes far into the ocean. It consists of three big sandstone plateaus, which are easy to wade, and fish can be found along all the edges.

Be careful when wading the reef as there are a few holes out there. You can’t wade from one reef plateau to the next because of depressions between them. Instead, head a bit further in, towards the beach, cross to the side and then head out again. The reef plateaus can be fished with both light and heavy gear, but the locals typically use light gear until they reach the corners of the reef. It’s easy to get snagged here, so use quick retrieves and/or lifted rod tips.


Svenskehavnen (The Swedish Harbour) is situated on the coastal stretch between Nexø and Årsdale. Approximately two kilometres north of Nexø, at the intersection between Strandvejen and Årsdalevej, you’ll find a sign towards Svenskehavnen.

Drive all the way to the small parking lot at the end of the road. When you look at the ocean from the parking lot, you’ll see a small bay called Svenskehavnen. The middle section of the bay is strewn with loose, abraded granite rocks and you’ll find rusty-old, provisionary slipways here. Wading can be challenging because the seafloor is rather uneven with holes that are difficult to see because of heavy bladderwrack growth, so wade with care – and use a wading staff. You might also consider heading for the northern end of the bay where you can find larger rocks to stand on and fish from.

Once this 100-meter stretch has been thoroughly covered you can access the rocky plateau and head towards the outer perimeter of the bay. From here, you can spin fish towards the reef right in front of you – and you can do so directly from the shore using heavy, aerodynamic lures.

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