Fishing Spots along Bornholm’s Western Coastal Shores

A Spot Guide to Western Bornholm’s Best Coastal Fishing Spots

Bjarke Borup

Fishing guide, sea trout, sea-run brown-trout

When fishing the following spots on Bornholm’s Western shores, please keep an eye out for the catamaran ferry that sails between Rønne and Ystad. Sometimes, when the ferry passes at high speed, waves build up dramatically. These waves can be very dangerous, and every year a few unlucky fishermen and bathing guests get knocked off their feet. So, here’s an important piece of advice: Enjoy a cup of coffee, while waiting for the ferry to have passed by and the waves to have settled.


Levka can be found by driving from Rønne via Haslevej. Shortly after leaving the city limits, you’ll intersect with Nyker Strandvej and here you’ll go left and follow the road until it meets Levkavej. Here, make a left turn and follow Levkavej until the road ends. Follow the little path down to the beach where you’ll be met by a sandy beach with boulders sticking out of the water further out. It’s the perfect spot to fish, and you can fish both to the right and to the left (some 130 meters until you reach the boundary of the conservation zone near Baggeå (Bagge River)).

Start fishing where the path ends; a spot with sandy bottom mixed with small rocks and weeds. Then wade to the right. After approximately 200 meters, the bottom conditions switch from sand to cliffs and rocks, and this transformation zone deserves all your attention, since it provides the perfect hunting grounds for seatrout. Levka is well suited for both spin- and fly fishing.

Hasle Marina

Hasle Marina can be located by driving to Hasle Harbour. The northern end of the harbour is where Hasle Marina is situated, and it has its own parking lot. At the back of the marina, there is a small trail. It takes you to an area with cliffs and jagged old coastal protection, which can be a little tricky to walk on. Approximately 30 meters down the trail, you can start fishing.

Fishing here requires waders and a wading staff since the bottom is very uneven. This, however, might very well be the reason why the fish tend to congregate here. The bottom consists of boulders, abraded rocks, and lots of weeds and bladderwracks, and the whole stretch can be fished with both spin and fly fishing equipment.


Vang is a small idyllic harbour north of Hasle and you can park close to the main pier. You won’t need waders to fish from the pier, but a long-shafted landing net is a must. Fish both the inner side and outer side of the pier and don’t be surprised if you suddenly hook into a cod while casting for seatrout. The area around Vang Pier is uniquely rough and fascinating and will, undoubtedly, make you forget about time and place.

Hammer Havn

Hammer Havn (Hammer Harbour) is quite a unique fishing spot and it’s a beautiful place to behold in all its pristine rawness. Follow the small trail behind the harbour until you get to a sandy stretch in the middle of a man-made bay with piers on either side. At the remote end of the bay, along the inner side of the pier, there are good chances of running into fish. You can fish here without waders, and especially during spring there are good chances of seeing seatrout hunting in the surface. Spin- and bait fishing methods are particularly effective here – and it’s a great place to relax.

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