Fishing Spots along Bornholm’s North Coast

A Guide to Good Fishing Spots in Northern Bornholm

Bjarke Borup

Fishing guide, sea trout, sea-run brown-trout


The fishing spot at Tejn is usually referred to as “Syd for Tejn” (South of Tejn). From Tejn, drive south on Sdr. Strandvej towards Svaneke and park your car at the side of the road some 300 meters outside of the city limits. From here, follow a small path that will take you down to the cliffs. 130 meters to the left, there’s a conservation zone at Tejn Å, which is in effect from September 16th until January 15th. The fishing spot requires waders and a wading staff, but it’s not a place where you can wade very far out.

The bottom features mainly consist of raw granite with scattered bladderwracks and green weed beds. A good way’s out, there’s a series of subaqueous reefs, which exercise a magnetic pull on the seatrout, so be sure to fish this part thoroughly. It can be fished with both spin and fly fishing equipment, but fly fishermen often do well here – especially when waves and swells are coming in.

While it isn’t the easiest spot to fish, a bit of effort and hard work usually pays off. And it’s a great place to pass a few hours.


Offergård can be fairly difficult to find, so pay careful attention. From Tejn, drive towards Svaneke via Sdr. Strandvej until it evolves into Helligdomsvej. Look for a small gravel road on your left-hand side before reaching a small thicket some 140 meters before Vårbæk. Where the small gravel/dirt road ends, 3 – 4 cars can park.

In order to get to the fishing spot, follow a small path, from where you’ve parked your car, down steep slopes, until you get to the beach. (Be careful, it can be really slippery when wet). The scenery here really captures the intense quietude and almost meditative quality of Bornholm’s nature. The ocean floor here can be difficult to wade as it features an uneven mix of so-called Årsdale-gravel, abraded rocks and boulders – so bring a wading staff. There’s a subaqueous reef right where the path ends, and at normal water levels you can wade out far enough to fish it. And if there are waves coming in, they break over the reef, thus making it highly visible. There are holes and depressions to be aware of when wading the reef, so wade carefully. Also, don’t fish alone here if the weather is rough.

The stretch that can be wade fished at Offergård is around 300 meters – and it is perfect for both spinning and fly fishing. After that, the coastline gets so rugged and cliffy that it gets hard to fish. There are, however, spots here and there where you can fish from the shoreline – especially with spinning gear.


Salene is situated west of Gudhjem. When driving south via Helligdomsvej, you’ll cross Bobbe Å and intersect with Bobbevej. Here, take a left turn and follow the road until you reach a small parking lot. During the period stretching from September 16th until January 15th, please be aware that you cannot fish right in front of the parking lot. This is due to the conservation zone at the mouth of Bobbe Å. During the conservation period, please go left (to the north) and don’t start fishing until you’ve repositioned at least 500 meters away.

The whole Salene area is great for wade fishing, and if you’re there outside of the conservation period, there is a long stretch with cliff plateaus to be waded and fished here. But be careful! There are cracks and holes where you won’t be able to reach the bottom. The whole area can provide good fishing, and both spin and fly fishing produce well.

Salene is also a great place for night-fishing during the quiet summer nights.

Carefully wade out and wait until nightfall and use your eyes and ears. Sometimes, the trout will turn up in good numbers and hunt in the failing light when the water temperatures drop a little. And if you’re lucky you might hear one of the really big ones rolling or jumping. Use light tackle and lures and flies in dark colours – or something that makes a popping sound or a wake on the surface.


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