Accommodation for anglers

There are plenty of options when it comes to accommodation on Bornholm, regardless of the kind of fishing you’re into and the size of the company you’re bringing.

Bornholm offers a vast variety of rental summer houses, which are used extensively throughout the summer months. However, during the winter – when the seatrout fishing is at its best, a lot of them are empty and, as a result, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to rent a great summerhouse close to some of the island’s very best fishing spots.

Many of the summerhouses are both big and luxurious and they are perfect for big groups of people. Just imagine coming home from a great fishing trip, getting out of your waders and into a sauna, playing table tennis or billiards – or jumping into a warmed-up pool. Once all the summer tourists have packed up and left for the winter, the big summerhouses are surprisingly inexpensive – and a lot of them are empty. Now is the time to catch that dream fish, and if you travel with a group of friends and split the rental costs, you can enjoy a great deal of luxury on a budget.

Hostels, bed & breakfasts, and campsites are also worth considering. The latter usually have small cottages for rent. Generally, the locals are hospitable and helpful, and if you need a place to dry your waders, a freezer to preserve your catch, or a piece of advice – simply ask.

If you enjoy a bit of luxury and the highest of service standards, there are plenty of beautiful hotels in which to overnight.

Here you will find accommodation, which is ideal if you are on a fishing holiday.
The places have cleaning facilities and more. Contact the individual place to hear what they can offer.

Here’s a list of accommodation options:

–> Bed & Breakfast

–> Hotels

–> Holiday houses and rental apartments

–> Hostels

–> Camp Sites

–> Holiday resorts



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