Coastal fishing safety measures

Fishing along Bornholm’s Coastal Shores Requires Particular Attention to Safety

It’s important, when fishing in waders along Bornholm’s coastal shores, to have safety in mind. Especially visiting tourists without in-depth local knowledge about the bottom- and wading conditions should be careful and take cautionary measures. The ocean floor can be tricky to wade – especially in places where cliffs extend into the ocean and where big algae-covered boulders and slick abraded rocks are strewn along the shoreline.

In many places, vast underwater patches of slippery bladderwracks cover the bottom and hide the bottom contours, and if one isn’t careful one can easily trip and fall over well-hidden rocks. When the weather conditions are rough and the water becomes turbid, the challenging conditions are further exacerbated. And when the winds are really howling, another issue needs to be addressed. Bornholm is well-known for its swells, which build up close to the shore. Random swells powerful enough to knock you off your feet come rolling in with irregular regularity when it’s really windy. So, when waves really come crashing in, don’t wade in too deep and make sure you have a solid foothold.

Although the air temperatures during spring might be mild, the water is usually quite cold – cold enough to pose a threat to your health, so always be conscious about what you do in case you end up in the water.

Follow these five safety tips

  • Wear wading boots with great traction – for instance felt- or Vibram soles with studs inserted.
  • Use a wading staff for achieving a better foothold and balance when wading – a staff you can use to get a better feel for the bottom, assess the water depth, and locate sudden holes and depressions.
  • Avoid fishing alone. Bring a good fishing buddy or use a local fishing guide. If an accident happens it’s important to be able to help each other out.
  • Think about the following: “What happens if I fall into the water?” Doing so will help you become mentally prepared in case anything should happen.
  • Use an automatic inflatable life vest if you have no previous experience with wade fishing or if you’re fishing in big waves.
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