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Once the hub of Bornholm in the Middle Ages, Aakirkeby is now home to the NaturBornholm Experience Centre, providing the perfect setting for the island's many outdoor sports.

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Aakirkeby: Explore dinosaurs and geological eras

Bornholm was the only place in Denmark that was above sea level at the time of the dinosaurs between 65 and 200 million years ago.

Back then, the current island of Bornholm was part of a land mass that lay further south than the current Mediterranean.

The climate was warm and the wildlife included sharks, flying lizards, crocodiles and dinosaurs.


1700 million years of unique Danish history

Fossils, fossilised footprints and a wide range of other finds from that time are on display in the exhibition entitled De Danske Dinosaurer (The Danish Dinosaurs) at the Naturbornholm Experience Centre, presenting 1700 million years of unique Danish history.

Aakirkeby is also the perfect starting point to enjoy many of Bornholm’s outdoor sports. These include rock climbing, abseiling, scuba diving, surfing, sea kayaking, mountain biking, extreme running, horse riding, golf, fishing and hiking.

Visit the NaturBornholm experience centre
Outdoor activities in and around Aakirkeby
Visit the world's smallest and coziest racetrack

Discover the border zone between Nordic granite and southern sandstone

Denmark’s geological past can also be experienced at a more leisurely pace on the Linjer i landskabet (Lines in the Landscape) hiking route. Along the 10k trail system, the landscape is broken up by traces of volcanic activity and petrified seabed. The route also features the natural phenomenon of Klintebakken – the fault line between the granite bedrock of northern Bornholm and the sandstone bedrock of southern Bornholm.

To the north lies Ekkodalen (Echo Valley) and Denmark’s fifth largest forest, Almindingen Forest, where European bison roam freely.

Ekkodalen (Echo Valley) is Bornholm's largest rift valley
Hiking route: Linjer i Landskabet (Lines in the Landscape)
Experience the beautiful bison in the Bornholm nature

Holidays in Aakirkeby: tips for great places to stay

Book a room at the town’s hotel, or choose from the many holiday apartments and homes to rent, many of which are close to the beach.

Of course, you can also stay at a campsite or spend the night at the hostel in Boderne. 

View a list of places to stay here:

A Michelin star, historic baker and giant Danish tartlets 

Aakirkeby has it all! By the beach at Vestre Sømark is Kadeau – Bornholm’s only gourmet restaurant with a Michelin star. And at Bakkerne harbour on Østre Sømark, you’ll find a cosy old smokehouse.

After testing the echo in Ekkodalen (Echo Valley), enjoy some giant tartlets made with fresh, hand-baked tartlet shells from the local Baker Dam in Aakirkeby, whose famous rye biscuits are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.

Great places to eat in and around Aakirkeby
Shopping in and around Aakirkeby

Traces of the Middle Ages on Bornholm

Aakirkeby also bears the mark of having been the ecclesiastical centre and courthouse for the entire island in the Middle Ages, when it was Bornholm’s biggest town.

The baptismal font in the Aa Church – made in around the year 1200 and decorated with 11 scenes from the story of Jesus’ birth and suffering – dates back to that time. This is one of the most important attractions in Bornholm’s church history.

Sights and attractions in and around Aakirkeby
Visit Bornholm's highest point Rytterknægten and see Kongemindet

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