Runs on Bornholm

Participate in some of Bornholm’s many runs and stay in shape while visiting the island.

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Runs on Bornholm

If you are holidaying on Bornholm and want to keep in shape, try entering one or more of the exciting runs which are staged on the island. It will also give you the chance to meet many of the Bornholm runners who love getting out into the scenic Bornholm countryside!

Etape Bornholm, Almindingsløb, Soft-ice Løb, Fredensborgløbet …

Running is, without doubt, one of the best and most efficient ways of taking exercise if you want to improve your health, so why not run while holidaying on Bornholm? Every year, lots of fun and challenging runs are organised for all the family, and whenever you are planning on visiting Bornholm, there will almost always be one or more runs scheduled which you can take part in.

Some of the island’s biggest runs are the extremely popular relay race Etape Bornholm, a marathon spread over five days, the classic Almindingsløbet run in Bornholm’s biggest forest, the Fredensborgløbet run in Rønne and the charming Soft-ice Løb run in Gudhjem, where runners enjoy a delicious Bornholm soft ice after crossing the finishing line.

Etape Bornholm
Salomon Hammer Trail
Fredensborgløbet run

Extreme runs on Bornholm

If you are looking for bigger or more unusual challenges, Bornholm also offers a variety of extreme runs such as Dirt for Fun with lots of mud, water obstacles, crawling through narrow passages etc. Or how about testing your endurance with Dirt Extreme with sheer inclines, hard running, mud up to your waist, hills, water obstacles, barbed wire, three-metre-high ramps and other elements you never expected to encounter? Finally, there is the 100 km run around Bornholm, the Salomon Hammer Trail – Denmark’s toughest trail run.

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