Angling on Bornholm

Just let the fish bite on Bornholm ... fishing on Bornholm is for the whole family!

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Bornholm – a real Mecca for an angler

Bornholm is a real Mecca for those, who love to go fishing. Bornholm is ideal if you want to go with friends on a serious fishing holiday, but certainly also for the family, which wants to have some pleasant hours in the beautiful nature of Bornholm.

Bornholm offers all sorts of fishing

Especially autumn, winter and spring Bornholm offers some unique experiences, and the geographical and biological conditions of the island make almost any kind of angling possible. Bornholm is particularly famous for its salmon and cod fishing and the deep water around the island provide perfect conditions and ensure good fishing in the Baltic. One thing is certain however: only Bornholm offers all these opportunities within such a limited area. Regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are, the “Pearl of the Baltic” is always a challenge for any nature-loving angler.

Freshwater fishing on Bornholm
Coastfishing on Bornholm
Sea fishing on Bornholm

Coast – Surf fishing

Even in raw weather you can always find a sheltered stretch of coast where you can cast for garfish or sea trout. The low salt content of the Baltic means that sea trout can find food all year round. The varied coastline with its reefs, rocks, sandy bottoms, eelgrass and accumulations of stones forms perfect conditions for the fine stock of sea trout. Biologists and anglers have worked hard to preserve the island’s unique breed of trout, and all plans to release faster-growing trout have been rejected.


If you like jigging for cod, you can often catch a cod from the deep. And if you like speed at sea, echo sounder, navigational equipment and outriggers then trolling on Bornholm is just the right choice.


If you prefer freshwater fishing, there are lots of streams, lakes, marshes and ponds that are well stocked with fish. As well as containing pike, perch, trout, zander, eel and many other kinds of fish, the lakes and marshes of Bornholm are a unique way of experiencing nature. Also pole fishing is very popular on the island – and then it’s easily accessible for everyone – young and old.

Find your accommodation here

When you go for a angling or fishing vacation on Bornholm, you could stay at one of these places:

Cosy lodge with seaview

Book your stay at Sannes Familiecamping

From €550,-/week
(max. 4 persons)

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Comfortable and spacious beach lodges

Book your stay at Sandkaas Sommerhusene

From €225,-
max. 6 persons

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Appartements with a unique sea view

Book your stay at Pyttegaarden at Saltuna

From €645,-/week
(max. 4 persons)

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Angler’s licence

Angler’s licence – can be bought here or at the Bornholm Visitor Centre when you arrive. You should always have a fishing license when fishing on Bornholm (and in Denmark) – except in the Put & Take lakes.

If you, however, are under 18 years old or over 65, angling is free in waters around Bornholm (and Denmark).

Fishing licenses can be purchased at the Bornholm’s Welcomecenter or directly on your mobile phone on

Angler’s guide

To be well prepared before your fishing trip to the island, you can buy the book Angler’s Guide – then you get a lot of useful information for your stay on Bornholm. The Angler’s Guide explains in detail about inshore anglilng on Bornholm and beyond descriptions of opportunities and places the guide also provides detailed maps of all protection zones on the island. You can buy the Angler’s Guide at the Bornholm’s Welcomecenter at the harbour of Rønne when you arrive.

Angling experiences on Bornholm

Here is a selection of angling experiences and Angler Shops on Bornholm:

Free PDF maps for the angler

With this app you can easily find the perservation belts. It is easy to install the app: get 'Avenza PDF' in the App Store, and when this is done, you can click the 'Tourist> Europe> Denmark> Kortguide-Bornholm. The overall data transmission is approx. 100 MB. It's free - also offline - because when the app and maps are downloaded, no further data are transmitted.

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