Recreational Fishing on Bornholm

Bornholm is a true mecca for anyone who loves fishing! It is the ideal place if you’d like to plan a hard-core fishing trip with your friends, but it is also the perfect spot for your family to enjoy fishing and relaxing together in beautiful surroundings.

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Bornholm’s Varied Fishing Possibilities

Bornholm is a truly unique fishing destination. The island’s grand nature and varied coastlines provide the perfect setting for unforgettable experiences; experiences that leave a permanent imprint on your soul by activating all your senses and providing room for profound contemplation. The exciting and very real possibility of hooking into a true trophy fish is always present and, at times, the fishing can be in a league of its own. Oftentimes, however, it’s something more diffusely valuable than physical fishing photos that visiting fishermen bring back home with them after having spent some time on the beautiful rocky island.  

Fishing on Bornholm has something transformative about it; it’s a holistic experience where the social intercourse, cultural impressions, grand sceneries, and culinary treats subtly come to mean just as much as succeeding in hooking one of Bornholm’s shiny chrome seatrout. It’s an experience that awakens all your senses; a feeling of becoming acquainted with- and part of a local microcosm where the warmth and welcoming social atmosphere is in stark contrast to the blind and roaring forces of the ocean as it collides onto the island’s rocky shorelines; a microcosm in which harmony perspires not in spite of- but because of the vast contrasts.

As an experienced seatrout fisherman, the challenge of catching a chrome dream fish below one of Bornholm’s towering and majestic cliffs is an important driving force. For the trolling fisherman, the open sea provides and endlessly big playground, where the boat can zigzag across flickering waters below open skies until one of the downriggers suddenly release and a massive, silvery salmon launches itself out of the water with the lure firmly anchored in its jaws. For the family with children, the harbours, lakes, and put & take fisheries provides oases where there is time to reconnect and relax out in the open, while – at the same time – waiting for the sudden surprise of a strike. Bornholm is all of this and much more. And no matter what your ambitions are, how much experience you have, or what you’d like to focus on; Bornholm will add new facets to your understanding of what fishing is really all about. 

Trolling on Bornholm
Coastal fishing on Bornholm
Recreational Fishing in Bornholm’s Lakes

Fishing License

If you intend to fish on Bornholm, you need a fishing license. (The only exception is if you’ll only be fishing Put & Take lakes – or if you’re below 18 or more than 65 years old. If so, you can fish in the ocean around Bornholm for free. 

Fishing licenses can be bought in your mobile phone at

Feel the Excitement

Fishing on Bornholm is something truly unique. In the film, ”We are Fishermen”,you can really feel the excitement. It’s a film about the special bond that exists between fellow fishermen on Bornholm and their common pursuit of seatrout. At times, seatrout fishing along Bornholm’s jagged coastlines can be both strenuous and challenging, but it only makes the sense of community stronger - and each celebratory cheer is a united cheer.

Everything You Need to Know about Fishing on Bornholm

”Sea trout fishing: Bornholm” is a new film by Gordon P. Henriksen and Niels Vestergaard. The film provides plenty of tips about which fishing spots to choose, how to tackle the weather conditions and seasons, and what fishing equipment, lures, flies, and clothing to use. It also captures what’s so special about Bornholm: The beautiful scenery and diverse fishing spots, the unique self-reproducing stocks of seatrout, and the inimitable atmosphere surrounding the fishery.
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