Aa Church

Visit Aa Church, one of the oldest and largest churches on Bornholm.

Aa Church in the middle of Bornholm
Aa Church is one of the oldest and biggest churches on Bornholm and was from earlier times the foundation for the domintating position of Aakirkeby on Bornholm throughout the middle ages. The church was in the middle ages dedicated to St. John (the Baptist) and therefore was named Skt. Hans Church.

Erected in the 12th century
Aa Church was erected in the mid 12th
century with the unusual twin tower rising above the town. Both tower and nave have interesting decorations and building history, deserving a closer study. The baptismal font from the Gotland-master Sigraff, from the 12th century is with the rune inscription one of the most valuable in Denmark.

Aa Church was restored in 1874
In 1874 Aa Church was restored and the port tower and arcade walls were torn down, so that the church got the present shape. A new preservative restoration took place in 1968.

Named after two rivers
Aa Church has it’s present name after the two rivers surrounding the church, namely Læså and Grødby å.


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