Climbing Bornholm

Try the unique climbing and rapelling activities in the Hammerbruddet at Bornholm.

Rapelling and rock climbing

You get an experience you will never forget, in safe surroundings with an experienced instructor – and all this in the beautiful Bornholm nature.

Challenge your awareness of the bodily movement, and some people also feel the mental strength being challenged. The instructor gives extra time to the ones with fear of heights.

Most people remember their experience with rappelling and climbing forever and can for many years tell how it felt to move around high up on the rocks.

No experience necessary – good instructors and all equipment included.

Find us

You find us near Allinge-Sandvig, in the parking lot at the Opal Lake.

We belong in the wooden house at the parking lot.



Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 23957119




3700 Allinge

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