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If you want to experience the real Bornholm as it once was, then the fishing village of Hasle is a must-see. The village boasts a smokehouse, unique handicrafts and some of the best nature experiences on the island.

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Hasle, on the west coast of Bornholm, is a living testament to how the original island used to be, and is a must-see for anyone wanting to experience the real Bornholm.

It is a historic fishing and working-class town that has been, and to some extent still is, a major supplier of fish, coal, clay and quarry tiles.

The town is best experienced from the vibrant and buzzing harbour area.

A menu in a league of its own

Nothing says Bornholm more than the aroma of the island’s 10 smokehouses. This is the home of the local dish known as “Sol over Gudhjem”: an open sandwich of smoked herring, egg yolk, radishes and chives. Washed down with a beer from Svaneke Bryghus or a cider from Bornholms Mosteri, you won’t find a finer dish anywhere.

Hasle Røgeri (Hasle Smokehouse) is the last smokehouse on Bornholm where smoking is done in the traditional way in open chimneys with firewood.

Along with the bathing facilities and the town’s beach, it makes the harbour area an extraordinarily unique and pleasant experience.

Visit Hasle Røgeri (Hasle Smokehouse)
Discover Kultippen (The Coal Tip) – A unique nature area south of Hasle

World-class glass art

Over the years, the clay quarries have served as a catalyst for the growth of Hasle’s creative community, which is now behind some of the very best handicrafts Bornholm has to offer.

Grønbechs Gård – Bornholm’s Centre for Crafts boasts a 1,500-m2+ area of craft exhibitions in glass, ceramics, textiles, metal and wood.

In 2017, Bornholm became the first location in Europe to be recognised as a World Craft Region by the World Craft Council, the largest international organisation for crafts in the world.

Grønbechs Gård - Begin Your Journey Through Bornholm's Artisan Crafts
Visit Erlandsen Fine Furniture Studio - Beautiful Handcrafted Wooden Furniture

Holidays in Hasle – great places to stay

The town’s only hotel is located above the harbour, along with several pleasant holiday apartments. From here you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the sea. You’ll also find a cosy hostel, a campsite and several holiday parks in the scenic area surrounding Hasle, and there’s always the option to rent a cosy holiday cottage.

View a list of places to stay here:

Pure idyll by the ‘jewel’ lakes

One of the greatest nature experiences on Bornholm is seeing the lakes that are named after well-known jewels: Rubinsøen (Ruby Lake), Smaragdsøen (Emerald Lake), Pyritsøen (Pyrite Lake) and Safirsøen (Sapphire Lake).

These are former clay and coal quarries that are now perfect for swimming and fishing in. 

Small, cosy fishing villages

The three pretty fishing villages of Helligpeder (Holy Peter), Teglkaas and Vang are well worth a visit, as is the beautiful Vang Quarry, located a few kilometres north of the town. Vang Quarry is a great place to try your hand at climbing and abseiling the Bornholm rocks.

The area also boasts Denmark’s highest church in Rutsker (130 metres above sea level), with fantastic and far-reaching views.

Discover the magnificent Vang Quarry
Read more about angling in the lakes on Bornholm

Places to eat and shop in and around Hasle

If you’re hungry, you’ll be spoilt for choice for places to eat in and around Hasle.

Visit one of the cosy restaurants or cafés, or give a smokehouse a try – the choice is yours. Some of the eateries are located by the harbour, were you’ll have unspoilt views of the Marina, the Baltic Sea and the evening sun.

Hasle has several supermarkets and shops – so if you want to stock up on supplies for a longer hike or bike ride along the coast or inland, this is the perfect spot.

Food and drink in and around Hasle
Where to shop in and around Hasle

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