Vang Granite Quarry

Visit Vang Granitbrud (Vang Granite Quarry) - a place with unique nature, geology and many options for outdoor activities.

Vang Granitbrud then and now
The whole area is characterized by the former granite quarries – the granite adventure began in the 1880s, when granite from Vang Granitbrud was used for many different projects in Denmark and abroad: Several then new buildings in Copenhagen (town hall, national museum, etc.) where raised using the granite. Even the new bridge over the Great Belt needed tons and tons of granite from Bornholm.

The adventure lasted until 1996, when the quarry was closed. The place could not be run any longer because of economic inefficiency due to the price erosion on the granite market.

Drive through the beautiful Ringebakkebrud
To get to Vang granite quarry, you must drive through Ringebakke granite quarry. If you turn down Ringedalsvej from Borrelyngvej, you will come straight through the beautiful Ringebakkebrud. It is not possible to drive through Vang granite quarry.

New potential through outdoor activities
The project “New Life in Vang Granite Quarry” by RealDania and Mulighedernes Land changed the quarry into a beautiful nature and experience area. New trails, shelters and picknick places were established. Mointainbike trails as well as climbing walls transformed the area into a perfect place for outdoor activities.


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