Emerald Lake in Sorthat

Visit Emerald Lake (Smaragdsøen), a lake in Sorthat near Hasle.

The lake

The Emerald Lake in Sorthat close to Hasle was digged when the early 1900s in order to bring clay to the manufacture of brickwork products in this area.

Clay excavation in the Emerald Lake in Sorthat

The excavated clay was used to produce, among other things, brick and clinker, at the nearby, and now closed, Hasle Klinker and Chamotte stone factory. The clay excavation in the Emerald Lake in Sorthat was halted due to very heavy stream of water run at the bottom and a new tomb was made south of the present water-filled Pyritsø (Pyrith Lake).

Varied fish stock in Emerald Lake

The inaccessible shores of the Emerald Lake do not make it the easy to fish in it. On the other hand, its fish stock is richly varied: from shells, suds and eels to perch, large pike and wild sea trout, which go up to the lake through the Baggeåen stream. Fishing license is required for the Emerald Lake.

The nature around the Emerald Lake

The Emerald Lake is close to the coast and there is a really nice sandy beach where you can go bathing. Lake Emerald and Lake Pyrit are located in the area called Hasle Klinker Forest, which is a beautiful and varied forest area – worth a visit at all times of the year.


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