Sapphire Lake in Sorthat

Make a trip to the Sapphire Lake (Safirsøen) in Sorthat, south of Hasle.

Lake Saphire is the ideal place for family trips

Lake Saphire is the ideal place for a family trip and is very accessible. Lake Saphire is a perfect lake for freshwater fishing. The fish are not quite as large as in the Emerald Lake, but there are many of them and no fishing license is required.

 Lake Saphire – a former clay tomb

The beautiful Safirsø (Lake Saphire) is a former clay tomb used by Hasle Klinker- and Chamottestensfabrik in the years 1968-75. However, they never succeeded in finding clays that were of sufficient quality so that it could be included in the production. Therefore, the excavation was stopped and the tomb was then naturally filled with water. As there was no excavation for so long, the lake is not very deep either.

 The “laughing” Bornholm Marsh Frog

In the Sapphire lake there is a larger stock of the island’s characteristic Marsh Frog as well as toads

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Havvej, Sorthat

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