Helligpeder Havn

Visit the idyllic Helligpeder fishing village on the west coast of Bornholm.

Helligpeder has great cultural value

Experience Helligpeder (Holy Peter) – an idyllically situated fishing village on the west coast of Bornholm with small houses, old smokehouses and not least the picturesque old port cabin.

Experience the most magnificent sunset at Helligpeder

There are tables and benches at the harbour in Helligpeder, so you can comfortably enjoy some peace and quiet. In the evening you can experience the most magnificent sunset.

Toilets and shower at Helligpeder

There are also toilets and a shower with hot water at Helligpeder. If you are sailing to Helligpeder there is a power outlet at the harbour.

Continue to Teglkås

If you continue approx. two km to the north, you will see Teglkås – another fishing village.

Beautiful area

The harbour, which was previously only connected to the rest of Bornholm by the narrow corkscrew road winding its way up the steep coastal slope, is the point of departure for enjoyable rambles to the nature areas of Jons Kapel and Blåskinsdalen. 

Yachting Guide Bornholm

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Practical information

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Tlf. +45 5696 4798

E-mail helligpederhavn@brk.dk



Teglkåsvej 14

3790 Hasle


  • Toilet
  • Bath
  • Electricity


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