The Pyrite Lake in Sorthat

Come close to the near and far past by the Pyrite Lake. From 170 million years old footprints to the 18th century industry.

Clay pit and erosion

Just like the nearby lakes Emerald Lake and Ruby Lake, the Pyrite Lake is made by digging for clay. The clay was used by Hasle Klinke- og Chamottestensfabrik for making rivets and fireproof bricks.

In the end of the 1980’s the claydigging ended, and the waterfilled hole has now become a lake. The Pyrite Lake is screened from the sea by the narrow isthmus Lertippan, but with time the erosion will eat off the shore, so the Pyrite Lake might become a cove in the future.

Traces from the past

In 2004 a paleontologist discovered 170 million year old dinosaur footprints at the coast near the Pyrite Lake. Bornholm is the only part of Denmark which was not covered in water during the dinosaur ages, and the footprints were the definite proof for the existence of dinosaurs on the island. Later other footprints have been found in other sites on Bornholm. The footprints are exhibited on NaturBornholm.


On the coast between the Pyrite Lake and Levka the possibilities are good for angling of i.e. sea trout. In the Pyrite Lake pike and perch are found. You need no fishing license for the Pyrite Lake.


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Pyrit Lake

Havvej, Sorthat

3700 Rønne

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