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Beautiful handmade furniture with wood from the Bornholm nature for pleasure and use for many years. Sustainable and elegant quality adapted to your needs.
In Helligpeder, Erlandsen Fine Furniture Studio is located, surrounded by organic fields and with a view over the sea to Sweden. They specialize in elegant, quality furniture from Bornholm wood that builds on Nordic design and craft traditions. The furniture is both simple and beautiful, pleasant to the touch, smells lovely naturally, but is also functional and sustainable.
We humans are different. This applies to our bodies, our movements, and the way we live and arrange ourselves. Therefore, the furniture models and types are designed so that they can be adapted to your body, your use of them and the environment in which they are to be used.
You first choose your furniture type and model, then you adapt the furniture – either alone or in consultation with Erlandsen. For example, a neighbor called one day. A subsequent visit led to the fact that a freshly felled ash tree in the garden did not end up as firewood. Instead, it turned into a beautiful table that perfectly suited the living room and the couple’s wishes.

Bornholm is rich in forest compared to the rest of Denmark (22 per cent versus 14.6 per cent). The trees have special growing conditions close to the sea and lots of wind. It works hard with beautiful, clear annual patterns. The beautiful play of colors, together with your choices, help to make each piece of furniture unique.
When Erlandsen, together with local foresters, selects the trees that suit the furniture and their manufacture, they show the greatest possible respect for nature, animals, and the environment. The wood is sawed up for the individual tasks and dried in a modern vacuum oven. It provides low waste, less energy consumption, and more beautiful results.
Make your way past the exhibition and workshop. Smell, feel, and see if you should also have a piece of Bornholm’s nature in a unique handmade and sustainable quality piece of furniture. A piece of furniture for pleasure and use for many years.



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3790 Hasle

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