10 amazing Instagram spots on Bornholm

Bornholm is a great island to be on if you are interested in photography and social media. We give you 10 suggestions on great places to take pictures on Bornholm.

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10 great places to take photos on Bornholm.


The Echo Valley

Ekkodalen in the Almindingen forest on Bornholm is the island’s longest rift valley (abt. 15 kilometres or abt. 10 miles), and ranges about 2 kms through the forest Almindingen itself. And who knows? Maybe you are lucky enough to meet a bison in the forest as well?



Hammerknuden (or just the Hammer) is the northernmost naturearea on Bornholm. A unique nature resort. The landscape manly consists of shrubbery, heath and low trees and bushes. Besides the beautiful nature and the hiking trails, the area offers quite a few newer and older historical sights.


Opalsøen (Opal Lake)

When you are in the Allinge-Sandvig area, don't miss a trip to the Opal Lake. The lake is one of the oldest quarries on the island and definitely worth the trip. Bonus tip for a hot summer day: You can swim in the Opal Lake, but please note, that the lake is very deep – and therefore only suited for people, who can swim, as you won’t be able to stand on solid ground anywhere in the lake.


Sanctuary Cliffs - Helligdomsklipperne

The Helligdomsklipperne (Sanctuary Cliffs) sits along the rocky coast between Tejn and Gudhjem, and are considered to be one of the most important landmarks not only of Bornholm, but in the whole Denmark. It is hard to imagine that the composition of rocks and nature really exists in Denmark. But it does, right between Tejn and Gudhjem. You don't have to worry about taking a good photo from here.



Perhaps you have visited Hammershus before. But try visiting again, maybe at a different time than you normally would. Hammershus is so beautiful in a covered snow landscape in the winter, in the autumn sun or in the early summer morning. You can also take pictures of the new Visitor Center at Hammershus.


Jon's Chapel

Jons Kapel - also called a dry oven, not only has an exciting story but is also a unique place on Bornholm, which you should visit, both to sense the history and to take pictures.



The castle ruin Lilleborg is located on a 16 metre high cliff top in the middle of Almindingen Forest on Bornholm. A great place for photographers interested in ancient history.


Vang Granite Quarry

Visit Vang Granitbrud (Vang Granite Quarry) - a place with unique nature, geology and many options for outdoor activities. Explore the area to get the best photos.


Paradise Hills

Paradisbakkerne (the Paradise Hills) on Eastern Bornholm are located in a very hilly area with a lot of old rift valleys. It is almost mandatory to get a picture of Bornholms biggest pedestal rock is in Paradisbakkerne.


Slotslyngen Forest

Slotslyngen offers a dramatic scenery, which is guaranteed Instagram worthy. It covers the area from Mølledalen beneath the Hammershus castle ruin and southwards to Vang. Different trails and paths give you the opportunity to discover this wild and fascinating nature, offering both forest and highland heath.

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