Top 10 places to visit on Bornholm

Find your favorite from these most popular places

Bornholm’s sights are unique. Whether you visit the rocky Sanctuary Cliffs at Helligdommen, Northern Europes largest castle ruin Hammershus or the white round churches from the 12th century – you can choose your favorite. Many of theses places are open all year round.

Here are Bornholm's Top 10 places


Hammershus castle ruin

Enjoy the breathtaking view over the Baltic Sea and visit the tower Manteltårnet, where the Danish Princess Leonora Christina was imprisoned in 1660.


Østerlars Round Church

See the medieval fortress, where even the Lords Templar are said to have been. In the Round Church in Østerlars you can walk up to the upper levels and enjoy the view from the old loopholes.


Hammershus Visitor Center

Don't miss out the new Visitor Center Brohuset ved Hammershus, that opened in 2018 and has already won several awards.


The Sanctuary Cliffs

Beneath the Art Museum of Bornholm close to Rø, you'll find one of Denmarks most spectacular coastlines with rocky cliffs and picture-postcard motifs.


Pedestal Rocks on Bornholm

There are three places on Bornholm, where you can see pedestal rocks. And they do move - if you know, how to do it.


Ekkodalen - Echo Valley

Follow the sign to the spot, where you have the best echo in the valley - and then shout from the bottom of your heart (or lungs). In order to test the valley - you'll hear many Danes shouting "Hvad drikker Møller? - Øller" (What drinks Miller? - Beers).



When you go here in early spring you can pick a lot of fresh bear's garlic - and you can also visit Denmark's highest waterfall, which runs over a cliff and falls down 22 meters.


Rytterknægten (literally the Knight’s Squire)

Enjoy the overwhelming view from the lookout on Bornholm's highest top (162 m above sea level).


Dueodde Beach

Go swimming or walking along the long and famous white sandy beaches at the Southern coast of Bornholm.


Jon's Chapel

When you get down to the rocky cliff that looks like a church, you are rewarded with a breathtaking view into a cave. Jon the Preacher is said to have lived here for more than 1300 years ago. The visit to the cave offers you also a free of charge fitness programm (walking down the long stair and up again afterwards).

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