Bornholms Collection of Technics

4000m2 Exhibition, everything from nips needles to combat aircraft!

Bornholms Tekniske Samling (Bornholms Collection of Technics) is a museum / an exhibition run by an association with voluntary labor only. We primarily show the effects of the association, but also show exhibit areas available to local collectors and borrowed effects.

The association was founded in 1999 and we opened for the public on 4 May 2002. The exhibition is built around the old farm “Østre Borregård” 16. Selvejergård Rutsker sogn, the 1662 land register states: The earth is run under the castle, ie Hammers Hus.

The association rented the buildings until April 1, 2014, the exhibition area has in the meantime increased from approx. 1,000 sqm. To 4,000 sqm. The buildings and a plot of 30,000 sqm. Land was purchased by the self-governing institution “Bornholms Tekniske Samling S / I”.


We take care of the past for the future.


Exhibition of common things, especially from the last 150 years.


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Tlf. +45 56999980



Borrelyngvej 48

3770 Allinge

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