The Museum of Defence on Bornholm

Visit the interesting Museum of Defence - Bornholms Forsvarsmuseum - in Rønne.

The Museum of Defence in Rønne
Visit the Museum of Defence in Rønne. 1687, the Danish King Frederik V would fortify Rønne with a gigantic defence castle, which should make the town a fortress with a naval base directed towards the Swedish King. The plans were never completed, but the gun turret and the warehouses were made and today, these buildings contain the Museum of Defence.

Kastelstårnet – an impressive tower
Near the Museum of Defence, a bit south of the old part of Rønne, you will also find the impressive tower Kastelstårnet with its round shape and its four metre thick walls. This tower looks like the round churches of Bornholm, which were built 4-500 years earlier.



Opening hours:

  • 1st May - 19th October 2019
  • Monday-Friday 10.00-16.00
  • Closed Saturday-Sunday and holidays
  • Special Saturday openings (10-16): 8. June, 13. July, 20. July, 17. August, 19. October


  • Arsenalvej 8
  • 3700 Rønne


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