Moseløkken Quarry Museum

Experience the working quarry museum close to Hammershus.

The bornholm stone industry before and now
Moseløkken is a working quarry museum, it shows a picture of the bornholm stone industry before and now. Moseløkken is one of the few granite quarries in Bornholm where they still work on and off.

Try to carve granite yourself
At the Moseløkken Quarry Museum you can try to carve granite and get a feeling of how it was to work in the quarry in former times. Outside the museum there is a restored stone crane as well as two carving sheds, where stone masons on and off show the visitors how to work on granite with oldfashioned tools.

Get an overview of the quarry
From the forrest road along the north-eastern side of the quarry you can overview the whole quarry. It is most dangerous – and therefore totally forbidden – to enter the quarry on your own.

At the edge of the Moseløkken Quarry is situated an amazing stone house named ”Moseløkkehus”, built from granite types from the whole island. Through the former garden door you enter the exhibition showing an overview over the Bornholm geological structure, samples of the different granites, an original carving shed, old tools as well as a exhibition of the history of the stone industry and the work in a quarry. Here you can also find examples of what Bornholm stone masons made from granite as well as sculptures made of the sculptors Anker Hansen and Ole Christensen. Finally there is a model of a stone worker house from ”Langelinie” in Sandvig as it looked approx. in 1910.

Moseløkken is popular with students at school camps on Bornholm
Moseløkken Quarry Museum is most popular amongst students on school camps, who visit Bornholm, but also many climbers know the place and look for challenges on the steep cliff walls.



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