Cycling holiday on Bornholm

Bornholm is the perfect place for a cycling holiday. Cycling holidays on Bornholm are not only safe – away from cars and traffic – but also varied with short distances and beautiful scenery.

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Everyone can enjoy a cycling holiday on Bornholm

A cycling holiday on Bornholm is suitable for all levels and paces – for families, couples, keen cyclists and beginners alike. Bornholm is a beautiful island – also when experienced on two wheels.

Bornholm offers 230+ kilometres of signposted cycle paths stretching across the island. This makes Bornholm one of Northern Europe’s best and most beautiful places to cycle.

The cycle path network takes you through the magnificent Bornholm scenery and the picturesque small towns along the coast. The short distances between attractions and the varied scenery mean that everyone can enjoy a cycling holiday on Bornholm.

Cycling holidays – the best way to soak up the local scenery and island vibe

A cycling holiday on Bornholm is the perfect way to experience the beautiful Bornholm scenery and the island’s special vibe.

Bornholm is hills, waves, cobblestones, smoked herring and round churches. Bornholm is the very best of Scandinavia in one place, with vast forests, long beaches, sea and cliffs. Bornholm has it all, so grab your bike and enjoy a cycling holiday where you set the pace.

Plan the right cycling route on Bornholm

When you’re on a cycling holiday on Bornholm, you should plan a cycling route that suits your pace and physical ability.

It’s easy to find your way around Bornholm – simply follow the dark green cycle route signs. Otherwise, there’s plenty of advice to be found on this site and in the island’s various map guides → see a selection in our online store.

Service buildings on Bornholm: Here you can charge your electric bike
Mountain bike on Bornholm

Explore Bornholm’s unique terrain on a mountain bike

Bornholm has fantastic terrain for keen mountain bikers. From rocky coasts to deep forests and open fields, the varied landscape provides challenges for all levels.

The many well-designed trails wind through the island’s scenic surroundings and offer a perfect combination of technical challenges and nature experiences.

Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-fuelled downhill rides or a quiet cycle through a peaceful forest, Bornholm is the ideal place to explore on two wheels. Take your mountain bike on an adventure and discover the island’s hidden treasures while enjoying the fresh Baltic Sea air.

The Skovly Trail
Trailcenter Bornholm
Outdoor experiences with Outdoor Friends

Test your limits on Bornholm’s challenging country roads

If you love pushing yourself on your road bike, then you’ll love cycling on Bornholm, because it boasts some of Denmark’s most challenging and rewarding routes. The island’s unique terrain of steep climbs and technical descents offers a perfect playground for those looking to test their limits and improve their cycling skills.

Bornholm also hosts a number of cycling races and events that attract competitive road cyclists from all over the world. These are a great opportunity to test your strength against like-minded people, push your limits and maybe even set a new personal record.

Magnus Cort, a cyclist from Bornholm who has had several successes in the Tour De France, has used Bornholm several times to fine-tune his form.

Magnus Cort suggests 10 great Bornholm climbs
Tour de France Bornholm style
6 great cycling routes on Bornholm with Magnus Cort

Here are our suggestions for cycling routes on Bornholm

Whether you're a regular cyclist who prefers a slower pace, a keen mountain biker, or a road cyclist who loves high speeds, we've got some great routes for you.

Bring your equipment or hire what you need on Bornholm

Bring all your equipment or hire what you need when you get to Bornholm. The cycle hire firms are well equipped and offer more than just bikes. They can have everything ready and waiting for you when you arrive to the rocky island, Bornholm. On Bornholm you can also choose to buy a pre-packaged bicycle trip, where the journey to and from the island, hire of bike equipment, accommodation and different tours are included in the price.

Tips for great places to stay

Bornholm has many wonderful places to stay, with several offering great facilities for cycling tourists.
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7 hidden gems on Bornholm
Bornholm Food
The 10 most popular attractions on Bornholm
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