Tour de France Bornholm style

The world’s biggest cycling race, the Tour de France, was won in 2022 & 2023 by Danish cyclist Jonas Vingegaard

Jonas Vingegaard won the Tour de France again in 2023. An impressive feat for which one can only have the utmost respect.

Over the years, many Danish riders have done really well in cycling’s biggest event. Bornholm is also well represented in the Tour de France field, namely through Bornholm cyclist Magnus Cort, who claimed a stage victory while riding for Astana.

Magnus was born and raised on Bornholm, and he makes no secret of the fact that the island’s varied natural landscape and hilly terrain have had a major impact on his training.

Varied cycling routes on Bornholm

Have you caught the cycling bug too? Then Bornholm is the place to go. The island’s excellent road network and hilly terrain allow you to experience a bit of the Tour de France feeling. Bornholm is actually a cycling island in many ways, because Bornholm also offers exceptionally good MTB trails and wide, family-friendly cycle paths.

Read cyclist Magnus Cort’s suggestions here for six great cycling routes on Bornholm that could easily function as a mini Tour de France on Bornholm. Or how about taking part in the Bornholm Rundt fun ride on 25 August? The route is 103 kilometres long and offers many fantastic opportunities to experience nature.

Bornholm mountain stages

Denmark has no mountains, but that doesn’t mean Bornholm can’t offer challenging climbs. According to Bornholm cyclist Magnus Cort, Bornholm actually offers Denmark’s toughest hill, ‘Vang Hill’, which has a gradient of 7.5%.

In fact, every year, in late May, a mountain race, Bornholms Bjergløb – Bornfondo – is organised, starting and finishing in Gudhjem, which, with its location down a steep cliff, is one of Denmark’s most unique towns.

The mountain race also offers the opportunity to try your hand at Denmark’s biggest and wildest single start, so if you have a little Tour de France rider inside you waiting to get out, just grab your polka dot jersey, throw your bike on the car and head for Bornholm.

Read cyclist Magnus Cort’s suggestions here for 10 Bornholm climbs that will give you the feeling of a Tour de France mountain stage.

Cycling holiday on Bornholm

Cycling is for everyone and a cycling holiday is a great way to experience the beautiful natural landscape on Bornholm. There’s plenty of space on the roads and cycle paths, and it’s easy and safe to get around the island. The island’s size means you’re never far from the next pleasant experience or fun attraction. Read more about cycling holidays on Bornholm here.

Cycling holiday on Bornholm
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