Mountain biking on Bornholm

Bornholm has plenty of challenges to offer both beginners and experienced mountain bikers.

Be inspired for your next MTB experience on Bornholm

Bornholm has become a true mecca for keen mountain bikers. Several local companies and mountain bikers are going all out to make Bornholm one of the best MTB destinations in the Nordic region, establishing new routes and providing offers that put Bornholm firmly on the MTB map. Here are some recommendations from local mountain bikers, MTB rentals, guides, accommodation and equipment shops.

Trailskipper Bornholm

Mountain bike trails on Bornholm

Bornholm is known for its unique terrain, and the challenges, roots and rocks you’ll face as a mountain biker make the biking experience truly special.

The purpose-built and marked trails make extensive use of Bornholm’s nature, but even the many unmarked trails have that certain Bornholm feel about them.

Where to find the best places for mountain biking: Epic trails

If you and your group are going for an epic trail, contact a guide who can take you to their “secret” places.

Mountain biking on Bornholm: Tips for safe mountain biking

  • Don’t cycle through private forests from sunset to 6.00 the next morning.
  • Adjust your speed and keep your distance. Traffic laws also apply in the local nature.
  • Bike together, and always remember your helmet, phone, 112 app and health insurance card.
  • Wear the necessary safety equipment, such as a full-face helmet, back shield, neck collar, knee pads, gloves and goggles.
  • Slow down when approaching other forest visitors. Use the bell or a verbal “ding-ding” in plenty of time.
Paradise Hills
MTB trail “Den Grønne Ring” (The Green Ring)
Vang Granite Quarry

Sustainable mountain biking: Protect Bornholm’s nature

Bornholm is not only a great place for mountain biking, it’s also an area of outstanding natural beauty and rich in animal and plant life. We want to protect and preserve our island’s nature, and we hope you’ll do your bit by showing consideration when cycling through the island’s unique landscape. This includes following existing trails and avoiding creating new routes that could disturb local flora and fauna.

Here are some simple tips on how you can help protect Bornholm’s environment and preserve its great mountain bike trails:

  • Cherish the past: Do not cycle over ancient monuments, burial mounds, dykes and steps.
  • Stick to marked trails: This helps minimise erosion and protects the surrounding plant life.
  • Avoid cycling during wet periods: This helps prevent damage to the trails, which can become more delicate in wet conditions.
  • Take all rubbish with you: Everything from snack packaging to used tyres must be taken back with you or disposed of properly.
  • Take part in local clean-up days: These events are a great way to give back to the community and help maintain the trails.

By following these guidelines, you ensure that mountain biking experiences on Bornholm remain fun and sustainable for future generations.

Guide to the best mountain bike trails

Bornholm’s MTB trails stand out from the rest of Denmark in several ways. Bornholm Trailcenter has some great tips on where to find the best mountain bike experiences. Bornholm Trail Builders is committed to making your experience special and is constantly striving to carve new mountain bike trails.
Trailcenter Bornholm
Trail Builders Bornholm

Mountain biking on Bornholm all year round

Mountain biking on Bornholm is not just a summer activity; the island offers unique cycling experiences during all four seasons. In spring, enjoy the sight of blooming anemones and freshly sprung greenery as you whizz through the forests. Summer offers long, light days when you can make the most of the many hours of daylight for longer walks and maybe even a dip in the sea after a hot day on the trails.

Autumn is particularly spectacular with its vibrant colours and the milder weather is ideal for cycling. This is when Bornholm’s forests turn into a colourful carpet of red, orange and yellow leaves, creating a picturesque backdrop for your bike ride. Winter offers a completely different and more visceral, but equally breathtaking experience with hoarfrost and maybe even a little snow covering the peaceful forest landscapes. Winter cycling requires extra preparation in terms of clothing and equipment, but the reward is outstanding views and often untouched trails.

Each season on Bornholm brings its own challenges and joys, making the island a great place for keen mountain bikers all year round. Make sure you tailor your trip to the season and always be prepared for the island’s changing weather conditions.

Accommodation for mountain bikers

Bornholm offers places to stay that specialise in MTB. Find the selection below.

Rent mountain bikes

There are several bike rental companies on Bornholm where you can rent, buy or have your own MTB repaired.
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