Bicycle route – Rønne-Almindingen-Aarsdale

Enjoy the beautiful Bornholm nature and lots of history along this cycle track from Rønne to Aarsdale.

Gamleborg and Lilleborg in Almindingen

In Almindingen you pass Gamleborg, a stronghold built during the early Viking Age, and Lilleborg, a castle built by the king around 1150, whereas Hammershus was the bastion of the Archbishop of Lund. Ølene is a protected nature reserve that is off limits to visitors, but the bird-watching towers provide a good view of the area, where you can see birds of prey, ducks, geese and – with a bit of luck – large cranes.

Paradisbakkerne Hills on Bornholm

Then it’s on to the Paradisbakkerne Hills – a unique landscape, originally a moorland area covered with heather and intersected by numerous fault valleys.

Aarsdale on Bornholm

Aarsdale Mill is still in operation and open to visitors, while in the fishing hamlet of Aarsdale you will find a smokehouse and still some working fishing boats.

Sights along the cycle route



The castle ruin Lilleborg is placed well atop an isolated rocky cliff top in Almindingen on Bornholm.



The castle ruin Gamleborg in Almindingen forest is the oldest castle of the crown on Bornholm.


Paradise Hills

Enjoy the beautiful Paradise Hills - the large nature and forest area. The rocky and hilly area is located on Eastern Bornholm, some 3 kilometres (2 miles) northwest of Nexø.

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