Bicycle route – Rønne-Dueodde-Svaneke

Experience the southern part of Bornholm from your bicycle saddle.

White sandy beaches… on Bornholm

On this bicycle route you will experience the white beaches from Rønne to Dueodde on Bornholm. The fishing hamlet of Arnager comes just after the Airport on Bornholm. Arnager is often bathed in sun reflecting off the sea because of the sloping, south-facing cliff. There is a smokehouse near the fishing hamlet of Arnager.

Pedersker Church

Pedersker Church, a beautifully preserved Romanesque building, lies in open countryside. A tower and vestibule were added in the 16th century. From here you turn south toward Slusegård and its restored water mill. 100 metres south of Slusegård you find “Bornholms Knudepunkt”. Here you find a granite stone showing the spot of the latitude of 55 degrees north and the longitude of 15 degrees east.

Dueodde’s pine forest

Soon the smell of Dueodde’s pine forest and the sand dunes fills the air. The fine sand makes a unique sound under your feet as you walk.

From sand to rock

After Snogebæk and Balka you arrive in Nexø, where the coast changes from sand to rock. There was a large trading post at Frennemark south of Svaneke in the Middle Ages.

Sights along the cycle route


Café Slusegaard

Visit Café Slusegaard south from Pedersker.


Dueodde Strand

Go to the most famous beach on Bornholm.


Svaneke Vandtårn

When you enter the city of Svaneke from the North, you'll see the modern three-legged watertower on the right side.

Download our bike guide here

“Welcome to our bike island” Is our guide to bicycle holiday guests on Bornholm, with tour suggestions and maps. You can order the bike guide in our webshop, download it free of charge in Bornholm Tourist Information or download it here.


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