Svartingedalen is one of the best hidden beauty spots on Bornholm

Svartingedalen is a luxuriant rift valley on Bornholm that is often overlooked. The newspaper Jyllands-Posten wrote the following about Svartingedalen: “Danmark’s overlooked nature gems: On Bornholm you can find a forgotten, underground rift valley with nature as in Lord of the Rings. While most tourists pilgrimage to Almindingen and Paradisbakkerne on Bornholm the underground Svartingedal is hidden and forgotten. Here you can walk along a “jungle path” between the steep rock walls of the valley…”

You can walk along cliffs on either side of the valley, and in the open landscape you can find a “Jættebold” (a “Jætte” is a giant from Norse Mythology and bold means ball). The “Jættebold” is a large rock which according to legend was thrown by a Swedish Jætte in order to hit the church in Klemensker.

The forest floor is covered with beautiful flowers and herbs and the valley is rich in wildlife.

How to get to Svartingedal

Drive to Åhalsegård on Kirkedalsvej 25 in Rutsker. When you arrive to the farm stay to the right and parking is available behind a farm building.

You can also start in the opposite side of the valley by parking at Simblegårdsvej 24.

Practical advice

At all seasons it is recommendable to bring sensible shoes or rubberboots as the terrain in the valley can be wet and uneven. However you are rewarded with a beautiful nature experience.


Opening season

Open all year

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday all day

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Kirkedalsvej 25

3790 Hasle

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