The Castles on Bornholm - history and places

There are seven places on Bornholm, where there was a castle or where you still can see remainders of an old fortress. Often from the Iron Age or older. Read more about their history and the different places.

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Bornholm is placed in the midst of the Baltic Sea

Bornholm is placed in the midst of the Baltic Sea and has therefore been an important crossing point for trade routes for millennia. But with the trade came unpeaceful times, in which Bornholm often was ravaged and plundered by foreign forces. Therefore big fortresses and castles were needed to defend the local population and to demonstrate the island’s own emperors. Today we know seven places where such a castle was situated.

See the 7 castles of Bornholm

Even though Bornholm is a rather little island, is has rather many castles and fortresses compared to the population of about 8.000 inhabitants, that lived on Bornholm during the Iron Age and the Viking Era. We have an overview over all seven places.

Visit these 7 castles on Bornholm

Do you want to know more about the castles on Bornholm?

On Bornholm there are several places, where you can learn more about the daily life of people living on an island with many castles during the Medieval Era. You can also learn more about the bigger role that the different castles played in history.
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