The Creek Pissebækken is also Denmarks third highest waterfall. At the coastal path some 500 metres north of Vang, is wooden stair, that leads down to the waterfall, which falls straight down a rocky cliff side and further into the sea.

In the rift valley some 500 metres north of Vang, you’ll find Pissebækken with its waterfall – but also blue anemomes, black asplenium / spleenwort and wild service trees.

Where does the name originate from?

Pissebækken roughly translates to Urine Stream.

One is not quite sure where the name comes from, as the waterfall has been called Pissebækken since the Middle Ages. But there are two explanations for the origin of the name that recur. One of them is that during the dry summer months there is not much water in the waterfall and thus the waterfall’s jet can be associated with a man who urinates from the top of the waterfall. The second explanation is that the waterfall generates a lot of foam when it rushes down and apparently it looks like urine.

How to get to Pissebækken and the waterfall

When you walk on the coastal path from Vang northbound, then go from Vang Havn north directly on the waters edge. After approx. 500 metres you find the waterfall and a rather new wooden staircase. If you walk up the stairs and continue left you are back on the coastal path northbound towards Hammershus.



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