Dueodde Beach

Go to the most famous beach on Bornholm.

Dueodde beach – with ultra-fine sand
Dueodde beach is one of the best beaches in Europe. The sand on the Dueodde beach is ultra-fine and inviting, and the water is clear and clean with lots of sand bars, so there is both shallow and deep water close to the shore.

Dueodde beach extends for several kilometres
The Dueodde beach extends for several kilometres on both sides of the southern tip of the island. The beach starts in Snogebæk as a narrow, almost private beach for the holiday cottages – broadens to a width of several hundred metres at the point and ends as a narrow beach by the name of Jomfrugård, which is regarded as a nudist beach. On the broadest stretch of beach, you will find lots of dunes and hollows where you can find shelter and be undisturbed.

Bring your bike, buggy or wheelchair to the beach
From the main parking areas on Fyrvejen and Skrokkegards in the woods, two ramps of more than 500 metres in length allow you to take your bike, buggy, or wheelchair through the dunes to the beautiful Dueodde beach. Be aware that the ramp ends more than 100 metres from the waterline, and the ramps could be silty. The car park at Fyrvejen has a kiosk, toilets and a bus stop.

Dueodde lighthouse
Going up the lighthouse will take most people’s breath away. Both because of the stairs and because of the fantastic view over the coast and the whole of southern Bornholm.


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