Jon's Chapel

Visit Jons Kapel (Jon's Chapel) north of Hasle on Bornholm - a legendary cliff formation on the west coast of Bornholm.

Jons Kapel på Bornholm
Jons Kapel is a dry cave in the freestanding cliff Jons Kirke (Jon’s Church). You’ll find the formation close to the former restaurant/café Gines Minde.

Jon wanted to christian Bornholm
The legend says that the monk Jon came to the island to christian Bornholm. He was said to live in the cave and the islanders came down to him in order to see, who he was and to hear, what he had to say. Jon preached God’s word from the bible and more and more liked, what he was telling. In the end Jon had to preach from the pulpit like rockformation besides the “church”.

Many steps down to the rock formation
It is not quite sure, how many steps it will take you to go down to Jons Chapel. Some say 108 steps, other say 168, others again say 172 or 173 and some have even counted 183 and 188 steps. Try to count yourself!


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Jons Kapelvej 4

3790 Hasle

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