Bornholmertårnet - The Bornholm Tower

Visit a top secret and secured military facility.

The Bornholm tower is an Exploratorium by Dueodde, where the Danish Intelligence Service´s former listening post now is open to the public. The 1300 m2 is decorated with big picture exhibitions, movies, machines and appliances from the 2nd World War, and especially from The Cold War on Bornholm.

The history

The big tower on Bornholm clearly shows that Denmark, during The Cold War, was an active part of NATO´s, and the western countries, intelligence services toward the Soviet Union and the rest of the Warsaw Pact. The surveillance and listening activities began on Bornholm in 1948 and in 1961, the Intelligence Service moved into the Northern Lighthouse, and two more floors was built.

The big white tower, built in 1986, installed with antennas and a radar on the top, and the activities continued here, until the establishment were closed in 2012. This is the tower now known as the Bornholm Tower. The view from the 70-meter tower is breath taking, with a fantastic view of Dueodde and a big part of the eastern island. There is an elevator in the tower for those who don´t prefer the more than 400 steps to the top.

Visit us in 3D

Museum and exploratorium

In the Exploratorium it is possible to see the interesting and top secure rooms where the Intelligence Service gathered information from the old Warsaw countries. You can learn about the listening post´s history and see some of the radios etc. used.

The interesting story about the Soviet occupation of Bornholm is well illustrated and told in the exhibitions, where text, movies and pictures also show the bombing of Rønne and Nexø. In the exhibitions we show several short movies of Bornholm during The Cold War, giving a factually insight of the history on Bornholm.

Both adults and children are welcome to join our spy hunt. The hunt gives a good insight in the World History and its effects on Bornholm and Denmark. It guides our guests up and down in the 70-meter tower, all the way round the exhibitions, into the old, charming lighthouse from 1879 and in the areas outside.

Outside you can see the big refrigeration plant, used to cool the big computer servers. You can also visit the old oven where secret documents were destroyed. The spy hunt is fun and educating and is available for different age groups, letting everyone participate – both children and adults.


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