The coastal path: From Rønne to Hasle

Your journey starts here if you choose to walk the coastal path clockwise from Rønne. In this section, you will walk along sandy beaches and beautiful forests.

Helpful information regarding the trip

This section of the coastal path is the shortest one, and here you walk through relatively flat terrain. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature get a great view of the Baltic Sea, and experience beaches that welcome swimming on sunny days.

Here you’ll get the essential information about the coastal path section from Rønne to Hasle:

The route

Rønne Havn/Nørrekås – Antoinette strand/Blykobbe Plantage – Pyritsøen – Kultippen – Hasle strand – Hasle røgeri

Lenght and degree of difficulty

Rønne – Antoinette strand, 2,5 km (Easy)
Antoinette strand – Pyritsøen, 4,5 km (Medium)
Pyritsøen – Hasle Røgeri, 3,5 km (Easy)
A total of 10,5 km.

From start to finish

The trip starts at Bornholms Visitor Centre and ends at Halse Røgeri (Hasle Smokehouse). The trip lasts around 3 hours.

Directions and tips

This stretch along the coastal path is 11 kilometres long and can be divided into several subsections. The section is also one of the coastal path’s more manageable parts, both in distance and terrain. The beautiful beaches, which are occasionally interrupted by the forest’s shade, indicate a relaxing hike in scenic surroundings.

Below, you will find directions to and from the different sights, as well as some tips and notes.
Furthermore, you can click on the pictures to get information about the sights.

Below is the route description and the attractions you will encounter on your way:


Rønne Harbour

The coastal path begins at Bornholms visitor centre located at the harbour of Rønne. Here you can get lots of good advice for your hike, and you can buy the official guide to the Coastal Path. From Bornholm’s visitor centre, you'll walk north along the coast until you reach a roundabout. Make a left turn and head down Haslevej. Continues half a kilometer until you reach "Nordskoven Strand Campingplads". Turn left here and walk until you reach Antoinette Strand (Antionette beach).


Antoinette beach - Blykobbe plantation

From Antoinette beach, you will follow the outermost forest path through the Blykobbe plantation northward. The forest path runs parallel with the beach, so you could also walk on the beach instead. This is especially great if the weather indicates a swim! After approximately two kilometres, you will reach Blykobbe Å (Blykobbe stream), where a bridge will let you across. You will then follow the slightly steep coast past Sorthat-Muleby until you reach the Pyritsøen (Pyrit lake).

NOTE: You will find restroom facilities and camping sites at Antoinette Strand. In Blykobbe, you can spend the night in a shelter.


Pyrit lake

Pyrit lake used to be a clay pit, just like the nearby lakes Smaragdsø (Emerald Lake) and Safirsø (Safire Lake). From here, you will follow the coastal path northwards until you see the small fishing village Levka. Be aware that the beach property is private. Therefore, you must, briefly follow the road away from the coast. Afterwards, you will reach the coast again and continue until you reach Kultippen.



You will walk through the remarkable landscape made from deposited sulphurous clay. From here, follow the path on your left along the beach until you reach the cliffs by the coast and then continue towards your destination, Hasle Røgeri (Hasle smokehouse.)

NOTE: You can spend the night in a shelter in Hasle Lystskov. To do that you have to walk northeast and cross Fælledvej.


Hasle Smokehouse

If you arrive around noon, the final destination lets you rest your legs and enjoy a freshly smoked herring. Take a break or spend the night in wonderful Hasle before continuing the coastal path.

NOTE: It is possible to spend the night at a hotel, hostel, or campsite in Hasle. You will also find restaurants as well as grocery shops.

App: Bornholm - The official travel guide Til iOS

With this app, published by Destination Bornholm you will get everything you need to know about Bornholm. In the app, you will also find helpful tips about accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and transport on your way along the coastal trail.


Literature about the coastal path on Bornholm

If you would like more information or map material for the coastal path on Bornholm, we recommend two books, both of which can be purchased in our webshop or at the tourist information on the island.




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