The coastal path: From Svaneke to Snogebæk

Experience the coastline along the easternmost part of Bornholm and the second-easternmost point in Denmark besides Ertholmene.

Helpful information regarding the trip

This is one of the shorter sections of the coastal path, and the terrain is relatively flat. You will walk on gravel paths and asphalt roads, with unobstructed views of the Baltic Sea.

Here you’ll get the essential information about the coastal path section from Svaneke to Snogebæk:

The route

Svaneke Havn – Frenne Odde – Grisby – Årsdale – Sjølla – Nexø – Nexø Sydstrand – Balka Strand – Snogebæk Havn

Lenght and degree of difficulty

Svaneke – Årsdale, ca. 4 km. (Medium)
Årsdale – Nexø, ca. 6 km. (Medium)
Nexø – Snogebæk, ca. 6 km. (Medium)
A total of 16 km.

From start to finish

The trip starts at Svaneke Harbour and ends at Snogebæk Harbour. The trip lasts approx. 6 hours.

NOTE: The map service, Komoot, currently does not support unmarked routes which involve parts of the coastal path. Therefore, parts of this route are (so far) incorrect on the above map. Instead, follow the signs and route descriptions further down this page.

Directions and tips

This section of the coastal path is approx. 16 km long and can be divided into several subsections. If you walk the coastal path ‘clockwise’ from Rønne, this is the last stretch of rocky coast before you reach the white sandy beaches and dunes of southern Bornholm.

Below, you will find directions to and from the different sights, as well as some tips and notes.
Furthermore, you can click on the pictures to get information about the sights.

Below is the route description and the attractions you will encounter on your way:



From Svaneke Harbour, you follow the coast, past the old lighthouse and Hulle Harbour. The path winds along the rocky shore, and after leaving Svaneke, you get a magnificent view of the rocky landscape. From here, you’ll walk on the bicycle path till you reach Aarsdale.

TIP: If you want to make a detour, you could follow bicycle path 22 towards Paradisbakkerne (Paradise hills). A fantastic landscape with rift valleys, forests, bogs and a rocking stone. It’s about 5 km each way to reach Paradisbakkerne and then the additional kilometres for the walk in the hills. You can choose three different routes in the hills, the shortest being about three kilometres.

NOTE: At Aarsdale you will find restaurant and public restrooms.



From Aarsdale, the route goes from the harbour along the old rescue path that follows the coast. You’ll come past incredible rock formations. The path is very narrow in some places, and sometimes it gets a little hilly. You will walk past several ancient fortifications used as defences against attacks on the coast. Shortly before you reach Nexø, you walk past Stenbrudssøen (Quarry Lake), which - as the name suggests – used to be a quarry. The quarry delivered stones to Vor Frue Kirke (Our Lady's Church) in Copenhagen and Frihedsstøtten (The Liberty Memorial), erected in memory of the peasant reforms in 1788. You now enter the city of Nexø, Bornholm's second-largest city.

NOTE: In Nexø, there are plenty of opportunities for dining, shopping and accommodation - and public restrooms. South of Nexø, you will also find a public shelter. You will find the shelter by turning right after the harbour on your way out of the city. Then walk through Nexø Lystskov and cross Mosevej.


Balka Strand

From Nexø Harbour, follow the main road out of town. Follow the bicycle path till you reach the last house, make a left turn towards Balka Strand (Balka Beach). For the birdwatchers, this area is exciting – as it is a game sanctuary and the island’s best spot for birdwatching. You follow the path over an old bulwark and walk through Balka Lyng (Balka Heather) until you reach Balka Strand - one of Bornholm's best beaches.

NOTE: At Balka Strand you will find public restrooms.


Snogebæk Havn

From Balka Beach, the route is manageable and not far from the end of this section –follow the beach and occasionally the forest path towards your end destination, Snogebæk.

NOTE: Immediately before Snogebæk Harbour you will find a shelter site. At the harbour itself, you will also find public restrooms.

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Literature about the coastal path on Bornholm

If you would like more information or map material for the coastal path on Bornholm, we recommend two books, both of which can be purchased in our webshop or at the tourist information on the island.


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