The coastal path: from Snogebæk to Boderne

White sandy beaches and a Michelin starred restaurant. This section of the coastal path is pure paradise.

Helpful information regarding the trip

This section is one of the long but terrain flat sections of the coastal path. If you have packed your bathing suit, you will have plenty of opportunities to take a dip in the ocean (depending on the weather or your courage). You walk along Bornholm’s beautiful white sandy beaches and in the coastal coniferous forest. You’ll get past endless cottage areas, a military training ground and even a Michelin-starred restaurant!

Here you’ll get the essential information about the coastal path section from Snogebæk to Boderne.

The Route

Snogebæk Havn – Broens Odde – Dueodde Strand – Dueodde Fyrtårn – Slusegården Vandmølle – Østre Sømark Havn – Raghammer Skydeterræn – Boderne

Length and degree of difficulty

Snogebæk – Dueodde, ca. 5 km. (Easy)
Dueodde – Slusegården, ca. 6 km. (Medium)
Slusegården – Boderne* (by the beach), ca. 7 km. (Medium-Hard)
*Or Slusegården – Boderne (around Raghammer Shooting terrain), ca. 9 km. (Medium)
A total of a stretch of approx. 18 or 20 km. depending on which route you can go.

From start to finish

The trip starts at Snogebæk Harbour and ends at Boderne. The trip lasts approx. 6-8 hours.

NOTE: The map service, Komoot, currently does not support unmarked routes which involve parts of the coastal path. Therefore, parts of this route are (so far) incorrect on the above map. Instead, follow the signs and route descriptions further down this page.

Directions and tips

This stretch along the coastal path is approx. 19 km long and can be divided into several subsections. The terrain is flat, and you can walk pretty much the entire route along the beach.
Below, you will find directions to and from the different sights, as well as some tips and notes.
Furthermore, you can click on the pictures to get information about the sights.

Below is the route description and the attractions you will encounter on your way:



From Snogebæk Harbour, it’s pretty straightforward; follow the beach and pine trees towards the south. After walking approx. 4 kilometres, you’ll see the beach widen up, and you have arrived at Dueodde Beach.

TIP: Not far from Duoedde beach, you’ll find abandoned WW2 bunkers and canon positions. Follow the footbridge from the beach up to the campsite, and then follow Skrokkegårdsvej half a kilometre until there are small paths on both sides of the road. Find the large concrete plants by following the small paths.

NOTE: At Dueodde Camping, you will find, among other things, a kiosk and public restrooms.


Slusegaarden Vandmølle

From Dueodde, continue along the beach and walk past Europe's tallest lighthouse, which is 47 meters high. You can continue along the coast until you encounter Øleåen (Beer stream), where a track will lead you to Slusegaarden Vandmølle, a watermill from the 1800s. Not far from Slusegaarden, you’ll find a geographical sight. Here, the 15-degree eastern longitude and the 55-degree northern latitude intersect. The central European time is measured from this spot, so you’ll have the accurate time if you sync your watch here.


Boderne Harbour

From Slusegaarden, you continue along the beach, past the small Østre Sømark Harbour. You can choose to walk the next section along the dunes or on the beach. After about two kilometres, you’ll pass the Michelin-starred restaurant, Kadeau, on your right-hand side. Continue along the beach, but keep an eye out for the high mast at the outermost point and whether a red ball has been hoisted up the mast or not.

If the red ball is not hoisted , then continue along the beach (but only on the beach) until you reach Boderne.

If the red ball is hoisted , access is prohibited on the entire terrain, and you must not walk along the beach - it is both illegal and life-threatening. You can instead follow a designated path that goes around the Raghammer Shooting Range. There are signs along this detour that also lead you to Boderne.

NOTE: At Boderne you will find public restrooms.

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Literature about the coastal path on Bornholm

If you would like more information or map material for the coastal path on Bornholm, we recommend two books, both of which can be purchased in our webshop or at the tourist information on the island.


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