Eat out at these 10 Bornholm Restaurants

Here is an overview of Bornholm eateries, where you can taste local delicacies and get sublime food experiences.

Go for dinner at these 10 Bornholm eateries (+ bonus hint)

Bornholm is well-known for its unique cuisine, where the food is made of tasty, delicious local ingredients. We have a selection of great Bornholm Eateries here - plus a bonus hint at the bottom of the article.


Ekkodalshuset / Café Genlyd at Almindingen Forest

This places is known for its delicious and big croustades - as well as different concerts.


Restaurant Le Port in Vang

Enjoy delicious meals with a magnificient view and sunsets over the Baltic Sea.


The Restaurant at Stammershalle Badehotel

Enjoy the tasty food and the view from the cosy restaurant at Bornholms North Eastern Coast.


Restaurant Bryghuset (the brewery House) in Svaneke

Enjoy a delicious steak, Bornholm Pasta or a beer from the local brewery.


The Restaurant at Melsted Badehotel

Local grown ingredients and delicious meals - this is what the restaurant at Melsted Badehotel by the seaside offers.


Restaurant The Old Post Office in Allinge

Have dinner at the Old Post Office of Allinge and enjoy your menu in cosy ambience.


Nordbornholms Smokehouse in Allinge

If you want to taste some really delicious smoked fish, that are a delicacy, then you should visit Nordbornholms Røgeri (Smokehouse) in Allinge.


The restaurant at Hotel GSH in Rønne

The restaurant offers food made of local grown ingredients as well as Italian inspired food.


Restaurant Nordlandet in Sandvig

Taste the great food combined with Bornholms - maybe - most magnificient view.


Gudhjem Røgeri (Smokehouse)

This is the place where you should taste a real "Sun over Gudhjem".

Extra hint: Torvehal Bornholm

Here in the Market and Food Hall, in the former Slaughterhouse of Rønne, you can get a broad selection of local grown ingredients and also get a good cup of coffee or some snacks at the café.

Visit the Bornholm smokehouses and taste a real Bornholm delicacy
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