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The capital of Bornholm, Rønne, is steeped in history and culture. The town is also your first encounter with Bornholm, as this is where you arrive on the island by plane or ferry.

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Welcome to Rønne, the island’s oldest market town

The capital of Bornholm, Rønne, is an old market town dating back to 1327, which makes it particularly rich in history and cultural heritage.

Explore the town’s proud pottery traditions at Hjorths Fabrik, a living museum dedicated to the famous local craft. Continue your walk through the old cobbled streets and discover Erichsens Gård, a well-preserved 19th-century market town house, now a museum that takes you on a journey back to the past.

When you arrive in Rønne by ferry from Ystad or Køge, you will be welcomed by the impressive sight of St. Nicolas’ Church, which stands majestically in front of the town’s oldest district, a network of charming half-timbered houses and cobbled streets. Rønne is also home to the Bornholm Museum and the Defence Museum, both great places to learn more about the island’s fascinating history.

Rønne – experience the town of pottery and crafts

Bornholm is famous for its extraordinarily high quality of arts and crafts, and Rønne is home to the pottery museum Hjorths Fabrik, founded in 1859. This is a great place to see how pottery production has developed over the last 150 years on Bornholm.

One of the many things that makes Bornholm pottery so unique is the island’s exclusive access to granite, along with all the raw materials, clay and kaolin a potter could wish for. Add in the skill and creativity of local craftsmen, and you have a strong pottery community that is recognised and respected far beyond Denmark’s borders.

Both Hjorths Fabrik and hejfabrik on the outskirts of the town run courses and workshops where you can get your fingers in the clay and try your hand at the ancient art of wheel throwing. But be warned – once you start, it’s easy to get bitten by the pottery bug!

Where to buy crafts and fashion in and around Rønne
Visit these exciting attractions in and around Rønne

Discover shopping in Rønne: fashion, jewellery, handicrafts and much more

Explore Rønne’s many shops, from trendy fashion boutiques to handicrafts, local delicacies and traditional craft shops.

At the foot of the hill up towards St. Nicolas’ Church by the harbour, you’ll find Mie Mølgaard Ceramics, selling beautiful pottery with a contemporary twist. In fact, this area is known for its creative vibe, with sales of handmade, organic clothing at Gevandt, unique jewellery design from Wiwolo Jewelry Studio, and Køppe Contemporary Objekts, an international gallery exhibiting sculptural figures in glass and ceramics.

Snellemark Centeret at the harbour is the largest shopping centre in Rønne – and on the island. The town centre also boasts a wealth of lovely shops and a charming little pedestrian street with a pharmacy.

Torvehal Bornholm: Rønne’s food mecca

Torvehal Bornholm sells everything from delicious Mediterranean produce to wonderful Bornholm products from some of the island’s talented producers, such as Small Batch beer, Høstet, Bornholm Distillery, Krogsholm Frugt and many others.

Stop by on your way back to your holiday cottage or fill your picnic basket with tasty treats. Or enjoy a good cup of coffee in the small café.

Shopping in and around Rønne
Enjoy a unique experience and visit Dyrenes Oase – Bornholm’s Birds of Prey Show near Rønne

Culture is alive and well in Rønne

Rønne boasts Denmark’s oldest working theatre, Rønne Theater from 1823. The beautiful old theatre hall puts on a wide range of performances all year round for both adults and children. This historic institution is a cultural landmark where tradition meets contemporary performing arts in an atmosphere of historic charm.

Store Torv is home to Bornholm’s largest indoor music centre, Musikhuzet. The venue hosts multiple concerts and cultural events throughout the year, and its unique and intimate setting brings you closer to the performing artists. The welcoming atmosphere makes it a popular meeting point where visitors can experience new and exciting cultural events.

These cultural institutions are complemented by a wealth of smaller galleries, museums and music venues that all help make Rønne a culturally diverse town.

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Play indoor mini golf at Bornholm’s largest mini golf centre in Rønne

Green Rønne: urban nature experiences

Alongside a wealth of cultural and historical sites, Rønne and the surrounding area offer countless nature experiences, giving you a chance to enjoy both vibrant urban life and the tranquillity of the surrounding countryside.

On the outskirts of town, Galløkken is well worth a visit. The name refers to the Danish word for gallows, as this is what the area was once used for. However, today it’s a top destination for locals and visitors alike. With its rich plant life and a beautiful beach, it’s the ideal place for a day of relaxation and swimming. Galløkken is also rich in history, with the island’s largest cannon battery and the Defence Museum.

Den Grønne Ring (the green ring) trail arcs around Rønne – from Galløkken in the south to Nordskoven in the north. Den Grønne Ring offers you a journey through history, rich wildlife, forests, lakes and unique nature experiences, with trails adapted for a wide range of activities. It’s ideal for those who want to experience more of Rønne and enjoy the town’s more hidden scenic areas and lakes. The area is also a popular place for mountain biking.

Tips for experiencing nature in and around Rønne from a whole new angle
Take the mountain bike trail along Den Grønne Ring

Holidays in Rønne: Tips for great places to stay

After a busy day out, you’ll need a good place to sleep. Both Rønne and its outskirts have some great hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes, and if you’re lucky, there’s also space in Ørnereden holiday villa.

If camping is more your thing, try the cosy Nordskoven Strand Camping or spend a couple of nights at the hostel close to one of the town’s green oases, Galløkken.

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Visit the many great places to eat in Rønne

There are many lovely restaurants and cafés in Rønne.

Enjoy a delicious fish buffet at Fredensborg Badehotel, exquisite open sandwiches at Det Røde Pakhus, or take a delicious pizza down to the beach and enjoy the sunset – the possibilities are endless.

Rønne’s only wine bar Râzapâs (a Bornholm term for someone who’s a bit of a “wild child”) not only serves exquisite wine, but a versatile menu with everything from sandwiches to creative daily specials on the blackboard.

If it’s time for a coffee, pop into Den Gamle Barber on Kirkepladsen or visit Depotet, a lifestyle store with a café.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t leave Rønne hungry → Check out all the options here


Find places to eat in and around Rønne here
Bakeries and cafés in and around Rønne

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