Nordskoven Strand Camping

Welcome to Nordskoven Strand Camping on the sunny island of Bornholm!

Nordskoven Strand Camping is a beautiful camping site, which is situated at the edge of the forest, right down to a lovely sandy beach and at the same time at a convenient distance from Rønne.
We are five passionate people with a great desire to create a unique and different campsite with a focus on nature and experiences. We welcome family, friends, the company that needs a convenient base with easy access to exactly what Bornholm can do.
The campfire is always lit, so come and bake bread twists over the fire or participate in various outdoor activities. Also enjoy our small cozy cafe, where you can buy local products, coffee, ice cream, and whatever else we come up with.
Nordskoven Strand is only 3 km north of the ferry harbor, so we are easily reached without a car
We look forward to welcoming you!



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 4020 3068




Antoinettevej 2

3700 Rønne

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