Handmade & tailored pieces in silk • wool • cotton From a sustainable view • I produce upon order

Welcome to Gevandt, my flourishing, dreamy, adventurous bohemian universe of beautiful tailor-made robes in silk and wool – designed and produced at my workshop in Rønne on Bornholm. The focal point of my textile design process is preferably the classically cut figure based on the beautiful female silhouette – made in the best old-fashioned tailoring style.

Primarily I work with silk and wool because I appreciate their fine, exclusive, and natural characteristics. I have a small selection of retailers that I use, who vouch for the items they have in their range. For example, that the wool comes from mulesing-free farms. That means sheep farming that does not use the mulesing method but lives up to general animal welfare standards.


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Rådhusstræde 1

3700 Rønne

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