Bornholm Distillery

Bornholm Distillery is a small craft distillery located in the old slaughterhouse at Torvehal Bornholm in Rønne.

Started in 2017, Bornholm Distillery is the result of one man’s dedication to the development of premium spirits and a revival of the proud spirits traditions on Bornholm.

Founder, product developer, and distiller Martin Kofoed was born and raised on Bornholm. With a lifelong love affair with Bornholm’s history and nature, which ranges from dramatic cliffs to long white sandy beaches, much of their free time is spent here and the inspiration for the products takes place.

All our products are developed, distilled, and bottled in small batches in the beautiful old surroundings of the distillery in the old slaughterhouse in Rønne.

Quality is essential and we have the ambition to be among the very best craft distilleries. Therefore, we use only the best ingredients for our products and have a special permit from the Danish Nature Agency to collect herbs from their areas at Slotslyngen on Nordbornholm. Especially in the beautiful solitary forest around “Finnens Top” we find the junipers for our Island Terroir Gin.

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Thuesday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm

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Gartnervangen 6

3700 Rønne

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