The eagle's nest - an oasis with animals and nature

You get it all.

You get the main role in the “Birds of Prey”s training and experience the birds landing on your arm, feeding them and behind-the-scenes tour of Bornholm’s Birds of Prey. Free access to all shows.

During your stay is also included feeding the animals, your own handball golf course, and a lots of rabbits, goats and sheep who love to be petted.

Also a private playground for the little ones.

About the house:

The Eagle’s Nest is a 220 sqm villa located in the heart of the Birds of Prey Show.

The villa contains:

4 rooms with double bed, TV, and Chromecast.

2 bathrooms / toilet

Large kitchen-living room

2 living rooms

2 terraces

Laundry room

Fenced-in garden.

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Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 9679 3037

E-mail info@bornholmsrovfugleshow.dk

Web ørnereden


Lundsgårdsvej 4

3700 Rønne

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