Galløkken beach

Visit the lovely Galløkken beach on the outskirts of Rønne on Bornholm.

Galløkken Beach
In short walking distance from Rønne city centre, you can get sand between your toes on Galløkken beach. About 1 kilometre south of the city centre by the beautiful nature area called Gallækken, you’ll find Galløkken beach that has recently expanded.

Groynes at the beach
Galløkken beach has a loft of perpendicular groynes. Between the groynes, you’ll find the lovely sandy bottom.

Parking and facilities
You’ll find parking at Rønne Vandrehjem (Rønne Hostel) on Arsenalvej. From here, you’ll walk across Galløkken to reach the beach.

There are no public restrooms, shopping or restaurants by the beach.



Opening season

Open all year

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Monday - Sunday All day

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3700 Rønne

Tags: Beach, Nature, Rønne

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