Bornholm in a bottle

Bornholm’s very own amber nectar in a bottle.

Bornholm oil

The best chefs will queue up to recommend the cold-pressed rape oil from Bornholm, and the amber yellow oil is also known as the olive oil of the Nordics. The rape is gathered from several places on the island and pressed and bottled locally. You can also find the oil with added spices and lemon, and is perfect for baking, frying and marinades.

Bornholm wine

Many shook their heads in disbelief when the wine grower west of Pedersker planted his first vines back in June 2000. But when the first wine was put on the market three years later it led to traffic jams, phones ringing off the hook, and heavy media coverage, so much so that it was sold out in less than two hours. That wine grower is now one of Denmark’s biggest, and his range also includes fruit wine, brandy and whisky.

Bornholm beer

When the brewery in Svaneke opened in 2000 it was approx. 45 years since Bornholm’s last brewery existed – and judging by the local interest, it was something the islanders had missed. The beer quickly became famous – also outside Bornholm – and today production includes many different types of unfiltered beer. If you visit the brewery in Svaneke you will see the 1,000 litre larger copper kettle, where hops, malt and water are transformed into delicious beer.

Bornholm aquavit

In 1994 the Bornholm aquavit was produced in Bornholm for the first time in 70 years. Today the aquavit tastes exactly as it did 100 years ago, and is now accompanied by other aquavits, bitter and the well-known Bornholm honey syrup – the honey aquavit, a Christmas classic, where aquavit and warm honey are mixed together.

Bornholm mustard

Bornholm also boasts delicious mustard made from old Bornholm recipes, which have been adjusted to suit our current tastes. You will find both hot and mild flavours, and several are produced using Bornholm raw materials such as rape oil and beer from Svaneke.

Bornholm honey

Honey is produced in Østermarie in Bornholm. The family business is kept busy with its 8 million employees! Fortunately these are bees, otherwise it might be quite challenging. Try some of the different varieties, such as honey with cinnamon, anise, ginger, chilli or almonds and apricots.

Visit these Bornholm food producers

You can get Bornholm in a bottle (and glass) here


Svaneke Bryghus

Beer from the islands first brewery


Vingården Lille Gadegård

The island's first wine grower also brews beer


Lehnsgård Rapsolie

A specialty for your cooking is this rape seed oil from Lehnsgaard


Den Bornholmske Gårdbutik

Buy many different local Bornholm foods in this cosy farm shop.


Den Bornholmske Sennepsfabrik

Another mustard producer on the island.


Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik

Try the famous Bornholm "Honningsyp", a schnapps made of honey


Bryggeriet Penyllan

Penyllan is another small brewery on the island



Bornholmersennep produces mustard from old Bornholm recepies.


Den Gamle Skole - Honningspecialiteter

The Old School at Louisenlund sells tasty honey products

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