Borrow a fishing rod on Bornholm for free

In several places in Denmark, it is right now possible to borrow a fishing rod for free. Bornholm is no exception.

Try out angling

There is something extraordinary about catching your first fish. But for that to happen, you might like to try it out before investing in a lot of fishing gear – that is now possible.

No less than 3 of the 30 places that offer fishing rod on loan are on Bornholm.

Here you can borrow a free fishing rod:

-> Sport Dres Bornholm – Rønne
-> Check Point Marine – Nexø



Here’s how

You can borrow a free set of rods from your local gear dealer for a deposit of DKK 300. You will get the deposit back when you return the rod again. You can borrow the rod for 14 days, and that gives you the opportunity to try out angling quick and easy.

Are you a novice angler?

Be sure to research angling. You can get in contact with a certified fishing guide such as Bornholms fishing guide, who will give you the necessary and valuable knowledge for a good successful fishing trip and nature experience. Also, get inspiration for what you need to know as a novice angler here.


Info for novice anglers
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