Fishing in Denmark

Fishing Denmark is the national angling universe. Here you will find everything about fishing in Denmark, as well as an overview of all fishing spots, also on Bornholm.

On Fishing Denmark’s website, you’ll find an overview of all fishing spots on Bornholm.

You can also get advice on what to look out for if you are new at fishing or an experienced angler.

On the website, you will find several fishing guides for fishing for sea trout, cod, salmon, put & take fishing and much more. You can also get inspiration for ​​angling associations, water management, information and rules regarding minimum sizes and protections, fishing licenses, angling ethics and considerations, and fish handling.

All in all, the website offers everything you need to know to get the best fishing trip.

Fishing in Denmark

Visit the national angling universe, and find the best fishing spots.

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Recreational Fishing in Bornholm’s Lakes
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