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With its beautiful scenery and beautiful surroundings, pictures from Bornholm are perfect for Instagram. We really want to see all your holiday pictures, nature pictures, food pictures and much more from Bornholm. Therefore, either by tagging @destinationbornholm or using #visitbornholm, we might share your picture.

10 suggestions for Instagram friendly spots on Bornholm.

There is no doubt that there are many beautiful places on Bornholm. But where do you get the best Instagram pictures? Here is our suggeststions:


Almindingen Forrest

Denmark's fifth largest forest with approx. 6,000 hectares. The forest has a lot to offer, and it's almost impossible not to get a good picture from there. And who knows? Maybe you are lucky enough to meet a European bison?



Bornholm's most northern area - Hammerknuden is definitely a unique nature area.


Opalsøen (Opal Lake)

When you are in the Allinge-Sandvig area, do not cheat yourself and your IG followers of a picture of the Opal Lake. One of the oldest quarries on the island and definitely worth the trip.


Helligdomsklipperne (The sanctuary cliffs)

The sanctuary cliffs are probably one of Denmark's greatest natural attractions. It is hard to imagine that the composition of cliffs and nature exists in Denmark. But it does, right between Tejn and Gudhjem.



Perhaps you have visited Hammershus a number of times. But try to do so again, maybe at a different time than you normally would. Hammershus is so beautiful in a covered snow landscape in the winter, in the autumn sun or an early summer morning.


Jons Kapel (Jon's Chapel)

Jon's Chapel - is a dry cave in the freestanding cliff Jons Kirke (Jon’s Church), which you should visit, not only to sense the story behind the place, but also to take pictures.


Antoinette beach

Bornholm is inhabited by beautiful white sandy beaches. Antoinette beach is a lovely beach in Rønne. But do not hesitate to visit the island's other beautiful beaches. There is definitely a beautiful view for any Instagram photographer.


Vang Pier

Over the years, Vang Pier has been the site of many amazing sunsets. In addition, Vang Pier is also the center of the Vang Pier Beach Party, held every summer.


Paradisbakkerne (The Paradise Hills)

The very hilly landscape is located on East Bornholm. An amazing area, where also Bornholm's biggest pedestal rock (Rokkestenen) is. It is almost mandatory to get a picture at the pedestal rock when visiting Bornholm.


Slotslyngen (the castle heathland)

Slotslyngen offers a dramatic scenery, which is guaranteed to be Instagram worthy. The unique highland feature and the view of Hammerhus are naturally nourished by grazing sheep.

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