Antoinette beach

Antoinette beach is one of the good bathing beaches of Rønne.

Antoinette beach offers plenty of space
The long, pleasant Antoinette beach north of Rønne is very populare, and as the beach winds for several hundred metres along the coast, there’s plenty of space – and it’s easy to find a sheltered spot. A small area at the north end of the beach is used by nudists.

Good parking facilities
You can get down to the beach from several roads just north of Rønne and here, you will find good parking facilities.

Please be aware of the waves from the high-speed ferries
Please be aware that in calm weather the waves caused by the high-speed ferries that operate between Rønne and Ystad can take small children at the water’s edge by surprise.



  • Antoinettevej 2
  • 3700 Rønne


Tags: Beach, Nature, Rønne

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