Five quaint places in Tejn

Tejn is definitely worth a visit if you come to Bornholm. Here are our top five places that you don’t want to miss.

The small harbour town of Tejn is located just southeast of the twin towns of Allinge and Sandvig.

Tejn has undergone a huge transformation over the years, and today offers experiences for the whole family.

The town is known for its welcoming atmosphere and cosy small businesses, all of which contribute to a vibrant local community.


Top 5 places to visit in Tejn



Smedjen Street Food & Events – Food market, market activities and cultural events

Smejden is located in the heart of Tejn. Smedjen is no longer a traditional blacksmith’s workshop; the old forge halls now provide a raw, industrial setting for local craft markets, cultural events, street food, cafés and music events. Every year, there’s also an indoor Christmas market, which is a real crowd-puller. Read more here


Isværket – Homemade ice cream with local ingredients

Isværket (the Ice Plant) is known for its gourmet ice cream, handmade with love and local Bornholm ingredients. You may have already tasted it, as Kalas IS from Sandvig is behind this unique place in Tejn harbour. Here you can enjoy a variety of flavours that change with the seasons and they also serve a great cup of coffee. Read more here


Penyllan Microbrewery – Hand-brewed perfection

Penyllan Brewery is a must-visit for beer enthusiasts. With a passion for craftsmanship, they brew complex and innovative beers that focus on local ingredients and reflect the character of Bornholm. Everything is handcrafted from brewing the beer to bottling and labelling the finished beer. You can visit the brewery and buy beer to take home. Read more here


Brødre – Baked goods with love

No visit to Tejn is complete without a stop at Brødre bakery, where every loaf of bread and every cake is baked with love and care. Brødre also makes delicious, crispy pizzas that can be enjoyed with a glass of wine or a good local beer or water. The shop also has a small selection of food products and ceramics on its shelves. Read more here


Ivandet – Nature’s treasure trove

Ivandet (In the Water) is located at Isværket (the Ice Plant) at Tejn Harbour. Here, visitors can explore beneath the surface of the sea. Accompanied by a marine biologist, you can explore the water with waders, fishing nets and binoculars, or a wetsuit and snorkel. During the holiday season and on public holidays, there are activities for both children and adults, whatever the weather. Read more here

More shopping in Tejn

In Tejn, you can also buy stylish women’s clothing at the cosy Butik Sommersted, North Bornholm’s only two-storey fashion store. Here you can find everything from fashion to beauty products and fragrances for women of all ages.

Holidays in Tejn – tips for accommodation

Tejn Harbour is a great harbour for yachting enthusiasts. For many years, the harbour provided the setting for the big Trollings Master Bornholm salmon competition, with hundreds of boats and up to 1,000 crew members. Tejn Harbour offers virtually everything a yachting enthusiast needs.

In the sister town of Sandkås, with its sheltered beach, you’ll find several good accommodation options, whether you prefer hotels, holiday homes or camping.

And if you drive a little further out of Tejn on the coastal road down towards Gudhjem, you’ll come across the beautiful old Stammershalle Badehotel.

Experiences around Tejn

There’s beautiful scenery around Tejn and if you continue straight past Stammershalle, you’ll come to one of Bornholm’s hidden gems, Troldeskoven, where you can see the remains of an old zoo.

A little further along the coastal road you’ll come to Døndalen (Døn Valley), an area of natural beauty where you’ll find Bornholm’s best-known waterfall.

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