Visit Troldeskoven (the troll forest) and the largest erratic block on Bornholm, Elverhøj

Make an interesting walk into the Troll Forest and experience the largest erratic block on Bornholm, the Elverhøj.

Furthermore you can continue exploring the inner forest and finding the old bear grotto, which is the remains of a zoological garden from 1934. The zoo had among other things bears and lions and only existed for a few years then it expired – but it is still interesting to see some of the old enclosures and climbing into the old bear grotto.

The Troll Forest has it’s name from the dense and troll-like growth that marks most of the area.

Elverhøj (the elf hill) is a huge erratic block which forms a natural cave, and it is believed that people have lived here approx. 6000 years ago.

It is possible to park in the two parking slots on Søndre Strandvej. Elverhøj is found when you go straight into the forest and the bear grotto is some way to the right.




  • Søndre Strandvej
  • 3760 Gudhjem


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